The mission of Antalya Swimsuit Week is to close the gap between national and international designers, leading retailers and fashion media.
Antalya Swimsuit Week’s biggest purpose is to provide a global market share for Turkish swimsuit fashion industry, by creating links between Turkey and participating countries. This training includes all design processes for swimsuits and beachwear that allow fashionable designers to specialize in swimwear and beachwear industry and to design their own collections in the rapidly expanding world. In addition to the design process, this program will provide you with information about the management and distribution of the swimwear and beachwear sector, retailers and brands, as well as the production process. .


At the beginning of the 1800s, people began to go to the beaches for entertainment. Here we will follow the history of the swimwear that started before today's bikini.
In 1946, French fashion designer Louis Reard introduced the two-parts swimsuit. The name of that swimsuit came from the Bikini Islands where the USA was performing atomic bomb tests.
French fashion historian Olivier Saillard describes the bikini as: “Simplest and the smallest of swimsuits. Four pieces of triangles with strings.”
Bikini, made another progress during the 1970’s. Protecting its appear and glamor, bikini is essential for beachwear and never lost its popularity.


This effort is planned as a competition which includes beachwear collections along with swimsuit, bikini, burkini and their derivatives.
In the 7 days long fashion week, fashion leaders and designers of the industry will be on the podium with the beauties from 80 countries. A huge amount of options about technical assistance, podium design and decor is available.
Side elements such as cosmetics, eyewear, watch, ornament, hat, pareo, slippers, shoes, towel, beach textile will be taking place in the week.
In the 7 days long fashion week, fashion leaders and designers of the industry will be on the podium with the beauties from 80 countries. A huge amount of options about technical assistance, podium design and decor is available.


Antalya swimsuit week is the most comprehensive fashion week in terms of the biggest and participating brands for the related sector.
This week, where all the famous brands and designers of the swimwear industry will take part, the sectoral introduction will give many chances and opportunities to attended ones. It will present a week that includes branding and product promotion,
Introduction of season creations, dealer meetings, catalogue and commercial filming, new market prospects, international developments, production techniques and conferences, dialogue and work opportunities. Miss Bikini World finalists from 80 countries of the world will also be able you to use fictions and exposition in photography, catalogs and commercials.
The organization will take place in one of the world's 5 major coastal holiday towns and welcomes more than 10 million tourists a year with a beautiful nature , rich history and tourism investments. Transportation, hotel, transfer, meeting, meals, party etc. will also be available on the appropriate conditions within this organization During the 7 day swimsuit week, Industry fashion leaders and designers will be on the podium with the beauties of 80 countries, with a great technique, design and decor. Swimsuit, unikini, bikini, burkini and derivatives , as well as sea , holiday and summer products will be found with them Side and complementary products such as cosmetics, glasses, watches, jewelry, hats, pareos, slippers, shoes, towels etc. will also take place on this week. Also; 7 days of night, the participants will take the day off at different parties with the country's most beautiful people, famous models, media and press members from many countries.
Antalya swimsuit Week will offer an unforgettable history tour from 1800's with a magnificent creation that processes the historical evolution of beach fashion.
Promotion and sales stands within the organization area, special presentation and podium facilities, professional staff support and commercial activities will be provided.
Dealers and customers will be provided transportation, transfer and accommodation at reasonable prices and comfort; You will plan your private participation with our coordinators and you will be included in our organization.
With a special podium design, custom dance and choreography; you will be able to create a process that differs you and makes your firm unique and special.



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